Friday, 20 November 2015

Fire Fire!!

Man want food.  The bread oven sat in all its cold mocking glory begging me to warm it's belly.

It took several attempts to get the fire lit.  No firelighters for me... after all I intend to cook things on the floor of the oven so the chemicals from firelighters is A BIG NO NO.

It's hot.  It's getting hotter.  I am uncomfortable with the crackling and roaring of the flames.

Man takes a peek.  He is reassuring but he knows that this isn't his territory and backs off quickly.
Yes... you go kill the woolly mammoth... the oven belongs to WOMAN!

The BBQ also belongs to WOMAN!  Yup you heard me right.  Man Provide....Woman Cook. (oh and man finish the DIY on the outdoor kitchen too).

You can't see it but it WAS smoking!

The outside of the dome starts to smoke. Woman panic.  Is it broken, is there a leak?  It definitely is smoking or steaming... a frantic call to the builder ... did I hear a loud crack?.... er. no.  Well it's not broken then.  The steaming or smoking of the oven dome when it is fired up for the first time is apparently normal.

Bread requires the embers to be removed.  I have nowhere to put them so they are scraped to the back of the oven and the door is closed.  Fire starved of oxygen goes out.  The bread goes in.  Half an hour later the bread comes out.....

It's bread!  A tad overdone for my taste but otherwise perfect with an amazingly tasty crust.  And possibly beginners luck.  The oven is still warm so biscuits go in.

With mixed results...

And finally soup for slow cooking overnight.  Which, with the addition of meatballs the next day, makes lunch.

Man happy ergo Woman happy.

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