Friday, 20 November 2015

Not Hot Enough!

OK.  Day Two on the Bread oven and I am on a high after eating several slices of bread with cheese, jam and the Man had marmite.

It only took roughly an hour to get up to temperature this time.  But it took half an hour to get the fire going in the first place.  Only practice will improve that I think.

Because the fire was ready so quickly, the bread was not ready and so by the time the bread was ready I had let the fire burn out and the oven had cooled.  It was still hot but not roasty toasty hot.

The bread is a little anaemic.  The small loaves are cooked but on cutting the big one in half it was just a little underdone.  T'will make toast.

Sun dried tomato and cheese biscuits are a BIG hit - they took about 20 minutes longer than usual to cook.  Should I rekindle fire and wait or give it up as a bad job?

Some of the embers from the oven are moved to the BBQ and lunch is cooked over a small fire.  The fire goes out constantly and a certain amount of blowing is required to rekindle any heat.  Did Cavewoman's furs smell of smoke?

The food cooks.  Chilli mince with the remains of yesterday's meatballs.    Woman is messy and drops tomato passata all over the yet to be tiled kitchen floor.  Man raises eyebrows and goes to get some kitchen roll.

The chilli mince tastes a tiny bit smoky.

Followed by stewed fruit (apple, pears and plums with brown sugar and knobs of butter) which is served with a huge dollop of Mascarpone.

It's also a bit smoky.  Not sure if that's good or bad.  It tastes good but might be better minus the smokiness.  Woman learns quickly though... fire must be hotter before you start.  Man made lunch disappear quickly and then went back to finish the tiling in the kitchen.

Woman happy ergo Man happy.

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