Wednesday, 20 January 2016

An Interesting Discovery on YouTube

Woman has been cuddled up on the sofa in front of the fire with a cold and sore throat.  Today's bread making session which was going to include steak cooked in the oven has been postponed.  Instead I spent some time trawling around the internet looking for more stuff about cooking with fire.

Well!  Did I find a treat for you!  Of course part of the enjoyment I get from my outdoor kitchen is the feeling that I am learning how to cook just like great granny did.  I have a thing for history, recreating the taste and smells of days gone by is so much more powerful than reading about it in books.

Et voila!  (Where did the French come from?) This guy is really good to watch and I can't wait to try out the bean recipe for myself.  It is, almost identical to my own version of 'Boston Baked Beans' but he uses way more molasses than I ever would.  But the end result is very interestingly dark and I have a yearning to give it a go.  But that's for another time when I am well again.  For now... indulge yourselves with a little cooking with fire from an expert.

Woman making great plans. Man hungry but relieved when I said he didn't have to wear the costume!

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