Tuesday, 5 April 2016

English Muffins

It's been a while.  I bet you thought I had given up.  Well no, but my last efforts left me feeling a little despondent with the wohle amount of work vs the end result thingy. Hence I haven't made anything in it for a while.

But I haven't given up on fire totally.  The wood burning stove in the house has been on most nights as the weather still hasn't  really warmed up enough to stop lighting it.  So we have had several things cooked in it for our evening snack.

Here I am cooking English muffins which are normally done on a griddle pan.  I kept the door open and gave them about seven minutes on each side, it worked.

We ate them with goats cheese and balsamic vinegar and some with lemon curd.  They were best while still warm.

Plans are afoot for a pizza session.  I want to invite friends but I feel I should practice first... or just wing it.... what's the worst that can happen?

Woman feeling cavalier.  Man just plain hungry.

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